Crystal Ride Develops Perfect Powderboarding for Access to Backcountry Snowboarding

Sweet backcountry riding is one of the primary draws for getting into snow sledding or powderboarding.  Mountain Sled magazine did a great feature on how to do that in style when they featured the Crystal Ridge development at Valemont.

Getting easy(er) access to great riding is a passion of mine so I was so excited to read about what the great folks at Valemont Area Recreation Development Association have done.  Building an access road to the top of amazing terrain is the holy grail of snowmobile snowboarding.  It's worth a trip to their page just for the amazing sled skiing photos.

Crystal Ridge snowmobile terrain

What they have done is built a road at the right pitch so that when you're using snowboard racks on your snowmobile and doubling up it's super easy, and then you get access to great terrain.  Honestly, when it's been dumping like crazy and you just wand those steep lines, it's the hardest to get there.  In the pure backcountry it always ends up being  a compromise where you shred the lines you can get to instead of the ones you really want to access.  It's days like these that Crystal Ridge will be perfect for!

Now at Valemont, there's at least a chance of getting where you want to go!  I can't wait, see you there soon.  Here is a picture of the road so far and the ways down for the sledder.

backcountry snowmobiling access terrain map


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