About Us and our Sled Racks

Port Tack Racks is committed to making the best aftermarket snowmobiling gear to help you get the most of your ride and extend your trip into the backcountry.  No matter what type of snowmobile, sled, or snowmachine you ride, we will be there with you making riding more enjoyable and easier.

If you have any questions about our products please reach out - we love to talk about snowmobiling and new products we are working on!

Phone: 604 340-3749

Email: ben@porttackracks.com

Instagram and Twitter: @porttackracks

Mailing Address: 1987 Dunstone Place, North Vancouver, B.C, Canada, V7H2M3

Please note, this is our manufacturing facility and not a showroom.  If you want to see a rack or mount in person please email us or give us a call.


About the Founders


Peter Spotzl

Peter is the co-owner of the metal fabrication shop. Metal & Wood specialize in decorative steel work but also does all sorts of other work.  Examples of some of their work is automated railing for yards, custom washers for industrial projects, and metal frames for artists.  Peter has lead this company for almost a decade and has developed a strong reputation around Vancouver and beyond.

Snowmobiling at its best! 

"Peter survey's another conquest"

Peter rides an 2018 ski doo summitt.  His primary love is boondocking and burning as much fuel as possible.  In Peters stable of less modern sleds are a 2005 ski doo summit with a 151" track that currently needs a motor rebuild.  His wife rides a 1997 Arctic Cat, El Tigre.  The spares sleds are a pair of 1970's classics, the Yamaha 440's.

One of the primary drivers for the development of the Port Tack Rack is Peters desire to have his extra fuel, snowboard, and shovel all easily accessible while riding.  We promise to deliver on these and other accessories for your snowmobiling pleasure.

Ben Remocker

Ben is the owner of Port Tack Option Ltd.  These companies came out of his experience as an Olympian for Canada in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  Ben placed 14th in the 49er class and continues to serve the sailing community as a member of the 49er sailing community.  

Ben is an mechanical engineer and worked in the oil and gas industry designing fuel exchangers for offshore oil rigs.  During that time he also worked in product development for a compact hydrogen reformer with dreams of enabling the hydrogen economy to emerge.  Can you imagine snow machining with hydrogen for power!

Resting after a morning of hard Ski Doo riding

"Cooling down the Ski Doo after a great morning of riding."

Ben's primary love while riding is to explore the backcountry and create new routes through the interior of BC.  The Port Tack Cargo Rack is particularly important for carrying extra gear and surveying equipment, maps, and anything else worth carrying.