These racks have been designed to fit almost all snowmobiles with little to no customization required.  Basically you just through-bolt the rack to your tunnel and you are ready to go!  

Detailed step by step instructions for different sled models are available at the links below - comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Ski Doo

Arctic Cat





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Want to make some cash?

If you don't find your instructions for your model of snowmobile yet, we have a mission for you, should you choose to accept it.  Your mission is to create the best possible set of instructions for your model of sled.  If we publish your snowmobile installation instructions you get a minimum refund of $20.  For best in class instructions, we will refund you $50.  Please see the Ski Doo Rev Platform 2005-2007 as an example of a $40 set of instructions.  We'll also give you a shout out on the site!