Everything in Stock and Ready to Ship

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Port Tack Racks is fully geared up for the 2018/2019 season. After running out of Large racks in 2017/2018, we have made a larger batch for this season, so we shouldn't run out this year. It's always hard to predict how much inventory to build every year, but hopefully we can keep up this year.

All the rest of the gear is on the shelf and ready to go. While the forecasts always say there is going to be great snow this year, we actually have no real clue. What we do know is that it's too late to strap a board/skis to your sled if you order your rack on the day it's snowing deep. 

Order early in the season, so when the perfect riding day comes, you're already set.


Montana Avalanche Shows How Quickly Loss Can Come

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The GNFAC talks us through that happened in Cabin Creek early in 2018 with a rider loosing his life in fairly innocuous conditions. The group knew about the unstable terrain, even taking steps to avoid triggers, like no highmarking, and no riding the steep terrain.

The tragedy struck while the riders was below a steep zone, triggered from the bottom. Be careful out there snowmobilers, and take special note when conditions are unstable.



Ski Doo 850 Takes Snowmobile Rack Even With Tunnel Radiator

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A number of riders are enjoying the new Ski Doo 850, with it's insane power and handling.  Ripping up all those miles will leave a smile on your face, but even more so if you're able to carry a bit of spare fuel for now worries along with your skis and board for clean lines.

There was some worry about the full tunnel radiator interfering with being able to carry a rack, but fear not, there is plenty of room along the sides of the radiator to secure a rack to it.  With the 850 making it so easy to double riders and so easy to get to the top of sweet fresh lines, we'd recommend always bringing along at least a board.

In these photos you can see a large rack placed as far forward on the machine as possible.  For those who will carry skis with them, we recommend the large rack as it decreases the leverage on your skis more while riding.  For those who will carry a snowboard only, a compact rack would be the cleaner choice, unless you want to be able to carry 10 gallons of spare fuel, and thus opt for the large snowmobile rack.

Happy riding!


Canadian Shipping Lightening Fast

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After reading about Canada Posts new commitment to their parcel service last summer, we decided to give them a try for winter 2016/17.  So far, it's been a fantastic success.  Delivery is so fast and conveninent, and cheap too that we've been able to deliver next day or 2 days to Westen Canada while also dropping our minimum price for free shipping down to $35 order quantity!

Check out an order this week from (lets call her Christy) who needed a snowmobile rack for her husband for Christmas.  He's been hauling the kids around and needed to carry extra fuel.  

I said if she ordered Monday it would almost surely get to her by Christmas (Friday - 5 days)... well, turns out it got there next day!

We had a similar experience last week, with delivery to Edmonton in only 2 days.  Obviously with free shipping we're using ground, so if you're back east you'll still have to wait for as long as it takes to drive that far, but we're really quite impressed!

For our American Customers we continue to use Fedex as we don't quite trust the system yet for crossing the border, but will do some experiments and keep trying to improve all aspects of the customer experience.

In any case, everything is in stock, and for those of you in Western Canada, it might not be too late to get a Christmas present ordered!  Works especially well now for customers using PO boxes or in buildings, where Canada Posties have access to your mailbox properly.

For those in Alaska, we're offering for cost shipping now and want to try using Canada Post for you.  We think it will be only about $40 for a rack and won't take too long.  Send us a message to test it out.


6 Ways Cheap Oil Is Perfectly Timed for the Snowmobile Season

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1) Sure, you’ll still be gone all day, totally exhausted when you come home, smelly, and useless, but your wallet will be full enough for your to order pizza and leave you alone.

2) The North American oil industry is dying for reserves to be used up to stop the slide… time to help a brotha out and burn some of that fuel, and do your part for the working man.

3) No more reasons to fight with you buddies about who’s turn it is to fill up the truck on the way to the mountain, everyone will be begging for it to be ‘their turn’ to take advantage.

4) Safety first, even more reason to carry around a spare jerry can full of fuel, smart and cheap.


5) Bring a friend, your treat. How much more justifiable is it to offer to take a buddy up for the first time now that their trip is half price.

6) Expedition time. There’s never been a better time to load up a rack or trailer full of gear, plan a point to point trip, and burn baby burn! As the snow starts falling, it’s time to nail down that expedition you’ve been dreaming of.




Price Drop - Sort Of

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Many of our Canadian customers ask us why we are pricing in USD when we are a Canadian company.  The basic answer, or so we thought, was psychology.  We figured that Canadians are used to recalculating prices into CAD from USD while our American customers would not be used to that, and would only really see our headline price, which looks higher.  We've always been committed to providing quality racks at modest prices, and we wanted to make sure everyone knew.

In 2014 our price for a Large Snowmobile Rack was 219.99 CAD and for a Ski Strap was 129.99 CAD.  We figured that by changing to 184.99 USD and 99.99 USD the price for Canadians would be the same while the price for American’s would seem lower, so sales would improve.

Well, in a year of trying this what we can say is that both our customer bases, Canadian and American, much prefer buying in their home currency, but since we only have one shop, that’s a challenge.  Instead of selling 50-50 to Canadians and Americans it's now more like 75-25... fellow Canadians, we're looking to improve!  So, as the Canadian dollar continues to tank, and with it our home country sales, we’re here today to announce a price drop… sort of.

We’ve taken 30 dollars USD off our racks, and 10 dollars USD off our ski straps, but had to keep snowboard straps at 99.99 USD as we'll probably run out in early 2016.  For American’s, enjoy the price drop.  For Canadians, know that we are trying as best we can do shield you from the tanking Canadian dollar, and don’t forget there is no tax on our items, so don’t be so afraid of the conversion.  Happy Holidays everyone, may your days be filled with braaap braaap.

Ben, Peter, and Jer


Most insane ski line EVER . . .

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This one sends chills down my spine!


Cody Townsend's Line of the Year.

Looking forward to an epic season.


Early Season Global Snowmobiling Video Report

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The season has started, but not very evenly around the world, in fact, it’s downright muddy for many of us. For those of us still waiting for enough snow to get started, let’s try not to be too bitter and take a look around at some spots where people are out and about.


Iowa Report: 

Having some shallow fun.



Michigan report:

OK, so not exactly epic, but a good way to burn some fuel and get out there at least…


Vermont report:

Pretty much the same as Michigan, there is some snow on the ground and some kids having fun, but every is waiting for more.



Finland Report:

OK, so a bit of a stretch, but at least it’s nice to know the conditions are only average…



Siberia Report:

OK, now that is more like it. Of course, the commute to Siberia is a bit rough, but worth it when you get there;)




So basically, unless you live at the top of a mountain, everyone is crossing their fingers for more snow!


Fantastic Riding Conditions in the Canadian Caribou

A quick shipping update.  We've managed to get to fedex on Dec. 24, 27, 30 and will again on Jan. 2 so holiday orders are being processed.

In between all that, the snowmobiling conditions have been distracting.  While the coast mountains of BC have been pretty disappointing so far this year, the interior of BC has had some great riding.  Mountain riding is always a highlight for the year, but there is a lot to be said for trail riding especially when it starts and ends at a remote cabin in the Canadian wilderness.  

In recent years the trail riding has been tough in BC as the pine beetle epidemic has devastated much of the forests.  Aside from the ecological impact, the practical impact to snowmobiling is that trail systems now need even more maintenance than usual.  We set out to clear on our favorite local trails, a Christmas tradition in recent years, and it was hot and hard work.  Where snowboards and skis normally sit on our racks, we now never leave the cabin without carrying a chainsaw.  

The new growth is significantly larger this year, so it's nice to see the forest renewing itself.  The trouble is that these no longer saplings are sprawled across the trails bowed by the great snowpack!  That's right, there is tons of snow right now in the caribou, and it's light and fluffy and lots of fun to play in.

After clearing a few broken trees to access our favorite trails we found mile after mile of deep fresh powder to ride to our hearts content.  Deep enough to carve beauty figure 8's.  Deep enough to ride roughshod over stumps that are no longer obsticles, and deep enough to take face shots all day long.

So, for all the frustrated mountain riders out there, head out to some new territory over the holiday, and don't forget your chainsaw;)


3,000 km snowmobile rack test

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Always great to hear stories of our snowmobile racks in use, especially when it involves a 3,000 kilometre sled trip where gear can be full tested! 

A big shout and and thanks to Craig Nicholson “The Intrepid Snowmobiler” for his great review of our Snowmobile Racks for Snow Goer Canada.

We often hear from customers about their epic adventures whether is is a day out getting access to amazing back country fresh tracks or long distance rides . . . But it isn’t every day we hear about someone tracking 3,000 km on their sled using our gear.

Check out the summary on Intrepid Snowobiler and a PDF of full review at SnowGoerCanada.com