Rev Platform 2005-2007

Guide to install a Port Tack Snowmobile Rack to your Ski Doo 2007 with a 151" track.

Port Tack Rack Prototype Installed


  • Port Tack Rack
  • Drill
  • 3/16” Drill bit
  • 7/64” Drill bit
  • Hammer, file, or coarse sandpaper.
  • Socket driver with ½” socket
  • ½” Wrench
  • Rivet gun (optional)
  • Simple metal (hack) saw
  • Felt marker

Snowmobile Rack Installation

Start with an open area and good light.

Snowmobile Rack Installation

Next, you’ll have to remove the clutter from your tunnel.  In this case, there are the side gussets and the tie downs to my old jerry can.  A drill with a 3/16” or 6mm bit will do the trick.  It is not necessary to drill all of the way through the rivet, only the head needs to be drilled off.  It is best to take a look at the underneath of the snowmobile to double check that there is nothing critical you are about to drill through.  Also note that under the right gusset is the wiring to your tail lights, so be careful with that one.

Bottom of snowmobile

Cluttered Snowmobile Tunnel

Removing parts from back of snowmobile

Once the tabs and gussets have been removed, use a hammer or file to clean up any burs that remain on your snowmobile tunnel.

Hammer or file down remaining burs

For a better fit, it is necessary to remove the tabs from the plastic tail assembly.  On the right side, watch out for the wire.  Also, use your drill or a round file to open up a hole for the tail lights on the inside of the tail light cover.  The rack will protect your tail lights.

Tail light clean up

The right side needs extra care and attention

The snowmobile rack will protect the wiring

Create space for the wires to go through

Next clean your tunnel and place the rack onto your sled.  Decide which holes you will use to secure your rack to the sled by checking the underside and topside of your tunnel to make sure there are no conflicts.

Bottom of snowmobile

Once you are happy that it is lined up mark one of holes with a felt marker.  Remove the rack and use a punch (or your drill bit) to mark the center of the first hole.  Then use your 7/64” drill bit to drill out the first hole.

Note - this picture really should be for marking a hole on the sled, not the rack . . . but hopefully you get the point!

 Using a center punch to locate the center of the hole

Put the rack back on the sled and then put one bolt through the one hole.  Now go through and mark out the other 5 bolt locations.  Again, use a punch to mark the centers and a 7/64” drill bit to drill out the other 5 holes.  Once you have your holes drilled, install the bolts.  Put a washer on both the underside and top side, followed by the lock nut.  Make sure to install them from the bottom up, so that the snowmobile track does not bottom out on them.  Use a wrench and your socket to tighten down the bolts.

Now, for the Ski Doo 2007, we’ll want to secure the tail light wires where they are exposed.  Take the track you just removed and place it back on the front end of the tunnel.

Reinstall part of the gusset to protect the tail light wires

Using your felt marker, mark where to cut the gusset.  Then use a metal (hack) saw to cut down the gusset to the remaining size.

Cut down gusset to protect tail lights

Place the gusset back in place

The access to this spot is not the easiest.  If you have a rivet gun it is easiest to use that.  Otherwise, again, bolt the gusset back in place from the Bottom Up.

Use bolts if you don't have a rivet gun

Bolted tail light protection

There you have it, one beautiful cargo rack on the back of your snowmobile.

Intalled Snowmobile Rack

Summer look at a sled rack

And here is a pic of the rack in action!

Sled rack with gas can and bag on tunnel