ATV Accessory Strap - Gas Can / Gear

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No more fiddling with multiple straps or bungy in the back country when you want to secure gear to your ATV. 

Our ATV Accessory Straps has been pioneered in winter weather and it works perfect on ATV racks as well. They are a great length for securing gas cans, extra gear bags, firearms, coolers, or whatever else you want to drag along.  The quick release ratcheting strap means no more prying at knots or wrestling with ratchet straps. They are quick to tighten up, quick to release.  Once your gear is locked down with these straps aren't going anywhere . . . no matter how hard you ride.

These straps also work great for securing just about anything you want on ATVs and Quad racks.

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Weight: .2 pounds
Length: minimum length 10", maximum length 36", loop to loop length 38"
Material: Ballistic nylon straps with heavy duty ratchet system (similar to snowboard bindings straps)
Installation: The strap ends just loop onto the rack frame allowing you to install, move, remove whenever you want
Note: The these straps also work anywhere you can loop or secure the ends - they don't necessarily need to be used with our racks (although they work pretty awesome with them!)



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