Gas Can - 5 Gallon

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Never run out of fuel on your snowmobile again!

These 5 gallon snowmobile jerry cans / gas cans fit snugly into the Compact Snowmobile Rack or Large Snowmobile Rack.  The racks were designed around these specific gas cans to ensure a tight fit and no risk of losing your fuel on longer snowmobile adventures.

The Large Rack hold two of these gas cans and the Compact Rack can hold one of these gas cans.

Use the Accessory Straps to securely and easily hold your gas cans in place.  Because the racks and the ratcheting Accessory Straps are specifically designed around these gas cans you only need one strap to keep everything locked tight in place - no matter how hard you ride . . . seriously!


Works with:



Weight: .5 pounds
Material: Plastic in a nice red color!


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