E Bike Accessory Strap - Carry Strap

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The perfect strap to carry anything on your E-Bike. Unlike bungy cords, rope, or panniers, these versatile straps lock in your baggage to your bike with flexibility. 

Our bike Accessory Straps are perfect for daily commuting, leisure riding, or touring. It works perfectly with the RAD Power bikes but also any bike with a cargo platform or rat trap-type arrangement over the rear wheel. The snowboard-style ratchet system allows for hand tightening and easy release, but with plenty of strength to secure your cargo. Whether you're carrying groceries, sports equipment, groceries, or gear bags, the accessory strap can handle your load. 

The quick-release ratcheting strap means no more taking your gloves off - quick to tighten up, quick to release.  Once your gear is locked down, these straps aren't going anywhere . . . no matter how hard you ride.

We adapted the straps from our work on snowmobiles but it turns out they are very well suited to the all-weather requirements of daily e-biking.

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