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Fantastic Riding Conditions in the Canadian Caribou

A quick shipping update.  We've managed to get to fedex on Dec. 24, 27, 30 and will again on Jan. 2 so holiday orders are being processed.

In between all that, the snowmobiling conditions have been distracting.  While the coast mountains of BC have been pretty disappointing so far this year, the interior of BC has had some great riding.  Mountain riding is always a highlight for the year, but there is a lot to be said for trail riding especially when it starts and ends at a remote cabin in the Canadian wilderness.  

In recent years the trail riding has been tough in BC as the pine beetle epidemic has devastated much of the forests.  Aside from the ecological impact, the practical impact to snowmobiling is that trail systems now need even more maintenance than usual.  We set out to clear on our favorite local trails, a Christmas tradition in recent years, and it was hot and hard work.  Where snowboards and skis normally sit on our racks, we now never leave the cabin without carrying a chainsaw.  

The new growth is significantly larger this year, so it's nice to see the forest renewing itself.  The trouble is that these no longer saplings are sprawled across the trails bowed by the great snowpack!  That's right, there is tons of snow right now in the caribou, and it's light and fluffy and lots of fun to play in.

After clearing a few broken trees to access our favorite trails we found mile after mile of deep fresh powder to ride to our hearts content.  Deep enough to carve beauty figure 8's.  Deep enough to ride roughshod over stumps that are no longer obsticles, and deep enough to take face shots all day long.

So, for all the frustrated mountain riders out there, head out to some new territory over the holiday, and don't forget your chainsaw;)

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