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By far our most common question over the years has been "can I fit skis into the snowboard holder," OR "can I fit a snowboard into the ski holder." Well, the answer is now yes! We have updated the geometry of the ski holder so that it can now accommodate a Snowboard well! By adjusting the lengths of our various protective areas and strap lengths, we can now fit snowboards into the ski holder. At the same time, we've also made another small update to the rear outer protective strut, so it should be a bit more durable as we...

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snowmobile ski snowboard carrier backcountry -

It's rare that I'd ever recommend a 20 minute video, I mean really, if you want to watch something for 20 minutes turn on the TV and start ignoring it... but this one is worth it! So much soft fluffy powder (and in our backyard).  It really was an amazing season last year if you could find treed areas to keep safe in with all that bad vis.  Thanks to Tetongravity for sharing the best pow on the net! Load of ski lines only accessed from snowmobiles, which is what we love!

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