Early Season Global Snowmobiling Video Report

The season has started, but not very evenly around the world, in fact, it’s downright muddy for many of us. For those of us still waiting for enough snow to get started, let’s try not to be too bitter and take a look around at some spots where people are out and about.


Iowa Report: 

Having some shallow fun.



Michigan report:

OK, so not exactly epic, but a good way to burn some fuel and get out there at least…


Vermont report:

Pretty much the same as Michigan, there is some snow on the ground and some kids having fun, but every is waiting for more.



Finland Report:

OK, so a bit of a stretch, but at least it’s nice to know the conditions are only average…



Siberia Report:

OK, now that is more like it. Of course, the commute to Siberia is a bit rough, but worth it when you get there;)




So basically, unless you live at the top of a mountain, everyone is crossing their fingers for more snow!

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