Snomobile Crash on Missed Corner

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Had a pretty fun ride in the caribou last winter, there was some decent snow around Christmas time so we did some exploring.  Our buddy was relegated to the 70's Yamaha 440 on the last day cuz his 05 Ski Doo Summit was broken down.  With pedal to the metal he went around a corner and couldn't quite make it... luckily he jumped off and stayed on the road, unlike the poor 440.  Couldn't have asked for a better dent though, hugging the exhaust!

Phil and hi Pop getting ready to heave

That's a steep hill to climb

That's as close as you can dent a sled and get away with it.

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Posted by Missed Corner leads to fall of a bridge for snowmobile and rider | Port Tack Racks on November 29, 2010

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