Snowmobiling Gear Checklist - Inner Layer and Outer Layer Clothing

Port Tack Racks presents the second in a series of posts, this is a list of the equipment I carry on my person as I ride.  Personal gear is just that, personal.  There are many things to consider, type of riding, temperature, breath-ability, spares, weight, layering, style, and I'm sure many more.  This post is not meant to encompass everything, but just a general guide.

Inner Layer

What to wear while riding a snowmobile

We've got some standard long johns.  Second column in are some warm mits.  These aren't really for riding, but rather for if something happens and I'll be hanging around on the mountain for a while and wanting some warmth.

Then there is the base layer for my top half.  I'll also sometimes have a short sleeved breathable top too to complement this one, but I always wear at least one long sleeve for under my outer shell.

Then there is my toque, or beanie cap.  The grey fashion statement is my favorite fleece, purchased in 1992 for $12, it's going strong and has been with me through thick and thin.  I even lost it kayaking in the UK one time but it turned up in a marsh I was kayaking through 7 weeks later... back in the wash and good to go.

Below that is a balaclava, great for when the wind is up, the trek is long, or under many other circumstances.  Like with the core layers, I prefer to have micro-fleece and then have 2 of them, so I can add or take off layers as needed.

Top right are some boondocking gloves.  When it is playtime these are great.  They let my hands breath reduces the amount of sweat.  Work out to be a great set of spares as well as they are light and small.

The final couple of items are my transceiver holster, spare goggles with a brighter lens, and some spare socks.

Outer Layer

What to wear while snowmobiling - jacket and pants. 

On the left are my stormteck snow bib.  These are double layered so very warm, but have zips to let some air if conditions allow.  Some people find them too hot, but I love it.  Also, when I ripped my first pair last year they replaced them with no questions asked.

The green monster has a little bit of grease mixed in.  It's stormteck also but is just a shell.  sealed seams and all that , pretty water proof as well along with relatively good breathability.  Then there is my rockin Fox helmet... to be honest, I'm thinking of upgrading as this one is pretty heavy, but certainly does the job.

I ride in snowboard boots.  They are warm, comfy, designed for the mountains, cheap and light.  Only downside is the durability as kicking snow of the runners and whatnot cuts them up pretty quickly, still a great compromise.

Then there are my goggles, these ones are just standard off the shelf.  Final thing is my insulated glove, single layer gloves for a good grip and warmth.


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