Greasing Up a Snowmobile

Port Tack Racks has some quick maintenance tips.  Here is a quick run through on greasing a snowmobile.

There really aren't that many things you need to do to maintain a snowmobile, so doing the basics isn't too much trouble.  Greasing is easy, and these are the simple steps to greasing up the axles on a sled.  Every sled is different, but there are lots of similarities.  It's best to grease right at the end of your season, that way any water that managed to get in during the riding season it pressed out and will not rust your sled away while being stored for the summer.

Lets have a look at greasing up a sled to get it read for winter.  On this 2007 Ski Doo there 6 grease points.  Download this table as a tick list for doing your own sled.

Tool wise, this is an easy task:

  • Just grab your grease gun
  • A new tube of grease
  • Rubber glove is you want to keep your hands clean
  • Rag for clean up

Most of the grease points on this sled are in the suspension at the back.  Starting with the, just put the hose on the nipple and start squeezing grease.  Don’t be turned off if you get denied squeezing it in to begin with.  Apply the nipple well.  Once you know you’re getting flow in, keep squeezing in grease until it the grease squeezes out of one of the ends, you’re all topped up.

It’s vital you have established you’re actually getting some grease in.  If you don’t, you won’t be getting into your sled, and that part won’t be lubricated until the next time you go through that job.  You won’t want your snowmobile running all winter without any grease.  Other than that, the job is a piece of case.

Make sure you get a full list of the grease points on your sled, as missing one can result in some unnecessary wear on your machine.

Mare sure to check the front of the sled too, not just in the track area as there is likely to be grease points there too.

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