First Snowmobile Ride of the Year!

Sunday November 21, 2010 was a momentous day for a few good reasons.

  • It was our first day riding of 2010
  • It was the earliest in the year we've ever gone Snowmobiling in BC
  • The conditions were fantastic

Peter and I set off from Vancouver and linked up with Mike at the Chevron.  Filling up with fuel was daunting, as the wind was over 40 miles an hour.  The forecast was for very little wing, but that wasn't helping what we were feeling.

The drive up was hectic, with the logging road very slippery.  By 10:30 we were on our sleds and had to navigate about 10 mins on the logging trail with a fair amount of grinding on gravel.  Not the worst we've done but certainly not what we're looking for.

Not long after we were at the round house up top.  Check out the into video we shot, epic conditions awaited us.  Very light winds, plenty of snow, and nobody else on the mountain.

We did run into a couple of other riders when be broke for lunch, but no more than 10.  Great day over all.  Here is the track I logged on the GPS.

1st snow machining ride of the 2010 season

As you can see from our trail we spent most of the day boondocking in the hilly meadow.  The video clips are from that area.  It's mostly flat and very wide.  After that we checked out one of the cabins on the mountain and our favorite snowboarding site.  It was track free still!  On our way back, we did a bit of a tour to check out the rest of the mountain.  It was very tracked out on the NE side, so we just cruised through.

We headed back down the trail at the end of the day to a beautiful site.  As nothing is frozen yet, there was a great view of the Squamish river draining into Howe Sound.

View from the snowmobile trail to Brohm Ridge

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