November Snowmobiling Conditions in the NorthWest

Wow!  La Nina is a welcome blessing for us in the NorthWest looking to get into the backcountry.

The last time a La Nina here was 1994 and set all kinds of records for snow.  The 2010 - 2011 winter season looks like it is off to the same great start.  Usually the start of the season in Snowmobiling is full of grinding skis into gravelly paths and avoiding boulders and stumps.  Well not this year.  This year the snow is deep and fresh, no need to ride in tracks, every day is riding on fresh pow.

Check out the conditions the Port Tack Racks R&D crew had - in November!  Sorry about the cloud cover and lack of light in the video, guess that comes with the territory when it's snowing this much.

Remember everyone, all this snow will increases the consequences of avalanches, as there will be more snow to fall.  Lets all stay safe in the backcountry whether we're snowmobiling, skiing, riding, or hiking.


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