Rained out at Brohm Ridge

Well the prospect of 45" of new snow had the Port Tack Racks R&D crew pretty excited to get up the mountain on Sunday.  It wasn't meant to be.  Sleds were loaded, fueled up.  Had the sled deck out and and a crew of powder thirsty snowmobilers ready... but unfortunately, thirsty people had a lot of rain to drink instead of powder.

Rain was falling all the way to the top of the Brohm Ridge.  Visibility was pretty poor too... even on the highway it was hard to see, you know that's a bad start to a day aimed at the back-country.

"The snow is like concrete, if you stop, you're fuct," said Peter.

There's always next week, and only 13 days till boxing day and a 2 week stint at the cabin in the Caribou.  There's going to be a whole lot of, fuel burning, pond hockey, hot tubing, exploring, snowshoeing, board gaming, and good times.  Will also check out some of the mountains in the Caribou and Interior of BC!

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