Snowmobiling 70 mile house over New Years

So we're heading out to Pressy Lake in the 70 Mile House area for the winter break.  We're got plans to test out the racks and accessories while we GPS map the area for other riders.  As you can tell from the photo below, we plan on burning plenty of fuel!

Jerry cans loaded on trailer with snowmobile 

If you're curious, you can see a couple of the jerry cans we looked at designing the snowmobile racks around before we found the one we wanted.  Up front are 6.6 gallon cans.  We liked the size but the handle was only average and the nozzle was terrible, made for very slow refueling.  On the back you'll see a can with a huge nozzle.  This was a leading contender for a number of reasons.  We liked the super durable noddle and square size.  We also liked their line up as there was one half the size as well.  In the end though, a 3" nozzle was just too big for refueling a snowmobile.  It would have meant including a large funnel in the package and in the end was just not worth it.

Anyways, aside from all the fuel cans loaded on the trailer there isn't much to tell just yet.  Here is a map of the pressy lake area.

map of the pressy lake area near 70 mile house

Pressy lake is in the Caribou region of BC.  It's at an elevation of roughly 3000 feet so will be consistently below freezing through the winter.  Green lake is a very popular summer recreation area and Bonaparte Lake is about the same size though farther off the highway.  Last winter there was very little snow around Christmas, but this year there is already 18 inches on the ground.

We'll be spending quite a bit of our time mapping the various trails in the area to load on the web for others to use.  We'll be bringing along our chainsaws as well so that we can clear the fallen Autumn brush as well.  Some of the less passable rivers may need bridges built over them as well, we're always looking for a challenge!

The drive up highway 1 is known as Devils Gorge and can be tricky but beautiful.  Be careful to keep your speed down at times and bring your chains... and your camera for the very best days.

View from highway 1 on the way to 100 mile house

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