Snowmobile Trail System - 70 Mile House

Each winter for a couple generations we've been enjoying and building the trail system in the Caribou Region of BC, near 70 Mile house. With a small cabin on Pressy Lake as home base we've done a lot of exploring on our snowmobiles in the winter and ATV's or dirt bikes in the summer. Finally catching up with GPS technology seemed like a priority. For one, getting lost is no fun, and for another we like to maintain certain main arteries while exploring or forging new ones.

This year not only did we log our riding of snowmobiles but we also figured out how to get it to look decent on google earth. For now, here is an image of the system as we have recorded so far. Now that we know we can capture where we ride though, we plan on building out the documented extent of the trails system significantly.
Snowmobile Trail system in the Caribou region of BC, near 70 mile house

We have a host of visitors over the holiday season most years and not all have snow machines to ride. Luckily there are some great snowshoeing and site seeing spots in the near vicinity as well. The red route tracks a small snowmobile loop to Crater Lake.  That's Crater lake on the far left with the mini out-and-back leading to the entrance.
Crater Lake via snowmobile

This year we hiked and snowshoe up the feeder to Crater lake. Join us on that journey here and check out the amazing frozen water falls.  The access point is open summer and winter to get to the Crater Lake lookout, we even rode right up to the edge on our snowmobiles.

From there though access is moderate single track.  The river walk is really nice, there are 3 waterfalls that can be climbed up or climbed around.  I'd recommend this route in the winter, as the brush can be pretty thick.  We walked most of it over the frozen ice and were just careful in areas where the ice seemed thin.  It would be possible to walk it in the summer too but expect to do quite a lot of bush whacking.

Access point for crater lake and waterfall hike

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