Caribou Snowmobiling - Tons of Varied Trails

One of the great things about riding in the Caribou region of BC is the tremendous variety of conditions. There are unlimited miles of trails to ride, and those trails are in all sorts of conditions. There is club groomed wide trails for easy fast riding. There are:

  • Single track trails that are well established and well looked after
  • Main roads, mostly to be avoided, there are Logging roads - be careful if it's a work day
  • Single track trails that people haven't been down in years and could do with some TLC,
  • Bush whacking.

Each year the Port Tack Racks R&D team set out with some destinations in mind and get there using a variety of these trail conditions - that's what makes it so interesting.

If you've got the patience to watch for 10 mins, you'll see a bunch of the trail conditions in one video.  We start out in the trail system and then break away from a family we know.  Then we head up into some single track.  Near the end we head down an unmaintained trail until we come across a fallen tree.  The question of chopping it in half or going around is always a balance.  Of course it should be an easy answer since carry our chainsaw on the snowmobile now, but follow along to see how to get that balance wrong!

While the video may not be all that dramatic it does go a good way into showing one of the greatest aspects of snowmobiling.  Whether flying up a glacier or through a forest, a snowmobile offers something almost nothing else can.  When your eye catches an opening or something of interest, you body can say, yes, lets go have a look at that.  I never felt constrained in my life while skiing until I had a snowmobile.  Now, when I look up and see something cool on skis I feel disappointed I can't just point to it and go have a look.

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