Snow Forecast 2012 and La Nina - What are we in for?

Deep powder snowmobile burrial 

The past 2 years have given us fantastic snow conditions in the Pacific Northwest! Deep snow and plenty of it have made for some great riding, and lots of digging out sleds!

My buddy has been flying up to Haida Gwai all summer and said that the crevasses on the Pemberton Glacier weren't even showing this summer. Hopefully that means the glaciers were receading a little bit less this year. That also means we should be in for a somewhat safer snowmobiling winter, at least in one respect.

Many credit La Nina ocean conditions for the increase in suitably snowy conditions.  So lets see what they predict we have in store for the 2012 winter season.  Now, as much as I hate weather maps that end at the Canadian border, we have a nice snowmobing forecast ahead!

With snow begining to fall and Cypress Mountain opening at a record early date of November 4th, the season is surely upon us!  Time to dust off and air out our mountain gear, it's almost time to ride!

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