Price Drop - Sort Of

Price Drop - Sort Of

Many of our Canadian customers ask us why we are pricing in USD when we are a Canadian company.  The basic answer, or so we thought, was psychology.  We figured that Canadians are used to recalculating prices into CAD from USD while our American customers would not be used to that, and would only really see our headline price, which looks higher.  We've always been committed to providing quality racks at modest prices, and we wanted to make sure everyone knew.

In 2014 our price for a Large Snowmobile Rack was 219.99 CAD and for a Ski Strap was 129.99 CAD.  We figured that by changing to 184.99 USD and 99.99 USD the price for Canadians would be the same while the price for American’s would seem lower, so sales would improve.

Well, in a year of trying this what we can say is that both our customer bases, Canadian and American, much prefer buying in their home currency, but since we only have one shop, that’s a challenge.  Instead of selling 50-50 to Canadians and Americans it's now more like 75-25... fellow Canadians, we're looking to improve!  So, as the Canadian dollar continues to tank, and with it our home country sales, we’re here today to announce a price drop… sort of.

We’ve taken 30 dollars USD off our racks, and 10 dollars USD off our ski straps, but had to keep snowboard straps at 99.99 USD as we'll probably run out in early 2016.  For American’s, enjoy the price drop.  For Canadians, know that we are trying as best we can do shield you from the tanking Canadian dollar, and don’t forget there is no tax on our items, so don’t be so afraid of the conversion.  Happy Holidays everyone, may your days be filled with braaap braaap.

Ben, Peter, and Jer

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