Ski Doo 850 Takes Snowmobile Rack Even With Tunnel Radiator

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A number of riders are enjoying the new Ski Doo 850, with it's insane power and handling.  Ripping up all those miles will leave a smile on your face, but even more so if you're able to carry a bit of spare fuel for now worries along with your skis and board for clean lines.

There was some worry about the full tunnel radiator interfering with being able to carry a rack, but fear not, there is plenty of room along the sides of the radiator to secure a rack to it.  With the 850 making it so easy to double riders and so easy to get to the top of sweet fresh lines, we'd recommend always bringing along at least a board.

In these photos you can see a large rack placed as far forward on the machine as possible.  For those who will carry skis with them, we recommend the large rack as it decreases the leverage on your skis more while riding.  For those who will carry a snowboard only, a compact rack would be the cleaner choice, unless you want to be able to carry 10 gallons of spare fuel, and thus opt for the large snowmobile rack.

Happy riding!

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