2005 Polaris RMK 900

Here is a series of photos of a 2005 Polaris RMK 900 with a compact rack, 2 snowboard holders, 2 gas cans and 2 accessory straps.    

These two Kiwis rocked into the shop at closing time and asked for the full set up.  Peter had a few minutes so he helped them install the rack and snowboard holders so they were ready to head up the hill straight away.  They are off to Red Mountain and Crystal Ridge for the season, should be awesome!

The snowboard holders protrude just slightly outside the width of the tunnel ensuring that there will be plenty of clearance for hauling around snowboards.

We put the rack as far forward as possible on the sled.  This allowed us to only remove the one factory rail set up it came with leaving the back plastic in tact.  The compact rack fits the two jerry cans are side within the pointed seat.

The guys were a little worried that because there is a kink in their tunnel the rack wouldn't fit well.  We started out by thinking we would shim the gap, but as it turned out just mounting it straight to the tunnel surface was best, no problem at all.

Happy riding.