Snowmobile Ski and Snowboard Mounting Strap

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Avoid the lift lines and make fresh tracks all day long - carry your skis or snowboard with you where ever your day in the mountains takes you!

The Snowmobile Ski & Snowboard Mounting Strap is the exact same as the Ski Holder mount kit. It is newly designed so that while it is primarily set up to carry skis, it can also carry a Snowboard. This allows riders who primarily ski but also wish to carry snowboards from time to time to know they have this combination holder as an option.

There are two slight downsides to using the combo straps for a snowboard instead of our dedicated snowboard strap which are:

  • The straps secure on the inside of the rack, so if you have stuff in the rack, it's a bit fiddly. 
  • The base of the strap setup is a bit wider than the dedicated snowboard setup, so it's not quite as secure, though plenty secure to get you where you're going.

Our setup allows you to attach the combo strap to either side of the Patrol Rack or in any combination with the Snowboard holder for carrying skis and/or snowboards. 

Never lug your skis or snowboard in your backpack again! The Combo Ski and Snowboard Holder Mount Kit simply bolt it to the side of each of our racks. The mounts are made ​​from durable plastic so they are is extremely tough yet soft enough that it doesn't scratch your skis or snowboards.

Quick-release ratchet straps allow for fast and easy "gloves on" loading and unloading while keeping your skis secure Underway. There is enough flexibility in the length and straps to allow for different ski sizes easily to be secured to your snowmobile.

Carrying skis with our system does not use any of the interior rack space when used for skis, so you can mount your skis and still have the full carrying capacity of the rack. This allows you to carry your ski boots in the rack so you do not sled to have in your ski boots anymore!

The system is a perfect fit for Ski Doo Summit series and Polaris RMK. Put a Patrol Rack and ski or snowboard holders on and you're all set.

Here is the installation video for putting the combo holder onto your sled.

All Prices in USD.

What it holds:

  • 1 set of skis and poles OR 1 snowboard per Mount Kit
  • Racks can hold 1 Mount Kit per side 

NOTE: Rack must be separately purchased this, the Ski Holder Mount Kit Does not include the snowmobile rack.

Works with:


Weight: .6 pounds 
Material: UHMW plastic holders, over sized stainless steel bolts (do not worry it is strong enough!) 
Hardware: Ski Mount Includes all mounting hardware and bolts required for installation. 
Installation: Bolts onto racks via pre-drilled holds - takes about 5 minutes to install (Including a 3 minutes break!)


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Frequently Asked Questions?

Why use a snowmobile rack?

A snowmobile rack allows you to carry the gear you want to bring with you up the mountain without wearing it physically on your back. A snowmobiler will always want to carry safety critical equipment in a backpack, but for the fun gear for skiing or snowboarding that gets too heavy and reduces the enjoyment of the day via the physical toll and incumbrance of riding.

How do skis or snowboards fit on the rack?

Each rack has pre-drilled holes aligned to fit either our ski holder or snowboard holder, so you can set your rack up for how you like to head downhill. One ski holder or snowboard holder can be fitted to either side, so a total of two carriers can be installed for two sets of skis, two snowboards, or one of each. Each ski or snowboard holder must be purchased separately.

How does the ski holder carry skis?

There are two main elements. There is a covered bolting system to hold the skis up and support them tightly in three directions. A 3/8" stainless bolt fits into the side of the rack and is covered inside, outside, and from the bottom with a durable plastic sheath to protect the ski edges. Then there is the strapping system. This holds the skis down, so they don't bounce out while riding. This uses a combination of webbing, a protective and specialized rubber coating for cut resistance, and a snowboard buckle for tension. This allows for a very tight and secure hold of the skis that is easily manageable even with gloved hands, and durable enough to handle the tough environment that is the backcountry.

How does the ski holder carry a snowboard?

Holding a snowboard with the ski/combo holder is possible. The same bolt, plastic, and straps are used as described in the ski holder above, but when a snowboard is put in the far side anchor (or tie point) must be moved over to the close side of the rack. This allows for the extra width of the snowboard. The dimensions then work, and the only downside of this versus our dedicated snowboard holder is that the gap the snowboard fits into is wider as it is wide enough for a pair of skis. This makes the snowboard a bit looser than it otherwise would be, but it is still tight enough that it will securely join you for the ride. Also, the ratchet is on the inside of the rack instead of the outside, which is slightly more challenging to use, but still very easily doable with gloves on.

What makes Port Tack Racks Better than other options?

The main features of the Port Tack Racks system are durability, simplicity, safety, and price. Our racks are molded and welded perfectly to provide tremendous form stability. We have not had a rack fail in almost ten years, and the welding is beautiful. This is not an accident, as the design incorporates a rolled aluminum sheet and pre-rounded fittings for the pipe.  Our welding is done in an aluminum-only weld shop, so there is no carbon contamination.

For safety, you'll notice all rounded corners of considerable radius. Ths avoids the very real risk of cutting which can occur from many of the CNC rack options available. When the sled rolls on top of the rider, or the rider gets slammed back into the rack from hitting a tree or other object, it is much safer to have the impact spread on a rounded surface than a surface that looks like a knife edge.

Finally, we stripped down the product requirements to the bare minimum, and have included everything needed and nothing extra to provide tremendous value to the community.

Where are the poles held?

The poles can be held inside the straps just above the skis. There is plenty of tension and space so the poles are held in via friction and the fact the basket and grip don't allow them to slip out.

How to carry ski boots?

Many riders will wear ski boots all day long, but for those who wish to ride more and do just a bit of skiing that can be uncomfortable. The best thing to do is buy a dry bag that fits your boots and then bring the boots in the interior of the rack using our accessory strap to easily secure boots.

How long does shipping take?

We are located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada ship with Canada Post and  US Postal System (USPS) . For most of the main riding locations like BC, Alberta, Washington State, Oregon, California, Utah, Nevada, Montana, and Idaho the racks can be delivered in about 2-3 days. It can take a day or two longer, depending on weekends. For Alaska and back east, add a few days.

Have a question that is not answered?  Is something not clear?  Send us an email at or phone us at 604 340 3749 - we are to help!


"I'm the kind of guy Who does 3-4 months of research before I buy anything. I Looked at all the different racks out there and love the PortTackRacks system. What sold it for me is the strapping system, Where It's so easy to adjust the straps so easy and Without Any tools ... Thanks! 
"- Dane, Michigan

"We went to the mountains today with the new rack and LOVED IT!" 
- Rob Meyer, AK

"Received today ... very pleased - quality product - Secures gas tank to the tunnel 10 times better than a bungee cord"  
- J & B Liston, NB

"Wow, this rack is just what the guys need! When I ran it everyone HAD Their Own custom stuff strapped together 
"- Iron Dog race participant

"A whole season under our belts and the racks look as good now as They Did When new!" 
- Phil Ghent

Customer Reviews

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Love the System. Hated the lack of transparency

My order last year timed out to when you all were running out of the old system straps and getting the new ones. I have not had any breaks or direct issues with the racks and I've used hard for multiple seasons now on my older setup. I was very disappointed last time as the instructions and hardware was not included to correclty install the strap system to my "old" rack. The strap system was sold as fitting the old, but no updated instructions were included. This caused my to install the old way and then get out the to snow and find out the fatter powder skis could not fit as the straps were about 1" too short. I contacted you all and received response that I would need to relocate the straps and drill out the holes on the older rack and use new hardware (Which was not included). Overall very frustrating. I fixed the system after my riding season was over as my sleds stay parked up on the mountains for winter season. Now works completely as intended, but as I said poor execution and lack of information was frustrating. Overall would recommend, but please be open and include updates as things change on your website and when people order. Thanks!

Joel Beckmann
Great product

Would buy again, very easy to deal with. Thanks again.