Snowmobiling and Chainsawing!

Every winter we head into the interior of British Columbia to do some bushwhacking and trail riding.  Usually what separates the two experiences is whether someone with a chainsaw has been down the path recently.  We like to contribute our fair share so we bring the chainsaw on the snowmobile most outings.

Cutting up fallen trees to clear the trail

Where we ride the trees are quite brittle in the winter and snow falls in big bunches.  That leaves many trees fallen and blocking our path.  If the trees are still alive we'll shake the snow off them in hopes that they'll learn to stand up straight again after the weight of the snow has been relieved.  Very often though the trees have snapped at their bases and are not able to be saved.  For these we'll whip out the chainsaw and let her rip.

Starting the Chainsaw to clear the trail

The snowmobile rack easily accommodates a fairly big blade as well as a 2.5 gallon jerry can to keep mixed fuel in.  It's time well spent getting off the sled to clear a trail.  Not only does it usually not cost any time to the group versus bushwhacking around the obstacle but means a better ride for everyone else that follows.  Here is a link to the Port Tack Racks shop if you are looking for a snowmobile rack for your machine.


Chainsaw loaded in sled rack

Chainsaw and mixed gas in snowmobile rack

Sleds loaded to clear trails

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