Snowmobiling in head high fresh snow.

What a difference few degrees makes. It was Monday and the week was forecast to dump from Wednesday to Friday, only problem is that it was supposed to rain, ruining the base and leave that awful crust for us. Let me tell you it was all cursing and disgust around the shop.

Well, turns out we got ahead of ourselves as it ended up coming in nice and fluffy instead of all wet. Almost 4 feet of fresh was waiting for us Saturday morning. The weather wasn’t quite finished with us but there was good local vis. We made it through to a nice pocket where we could see around so that worked!

We loaded the snowmobile racks with a full load of 10 gallons of extra fuel, yup that’s right, 2 full jerry cans each at 5 gallons! We were ready to blow through some powder.

Now of course all that snow is a blessing, but it’s also one that comes with a work ticket attached to it. A digging work ticket! Check out how it’s done! This is a shot of getting stuck going downhill!

Deep powder snowmobile burrial

Here’s another one. Mike here is heading down after a rip and had so much snow flying over the hood he couldn’t even see enough to avoid the wall of snow here. Now that’s getting yourself good and buried!

So much powder can't even see through it.
Anyways, nobody is complaining around here! A little digging is all part of a great day snow machining in the backcountry.

Buried snowmobile in flat area is tough to dig out

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