Deep Snow Riding Videos We Love

Gotta love the deep stuff... when there is snow out there in plentiful amounts, life make so much more sense...

Here is the first video we love...

Kootenay Influence Ep.5 January 17th from Dylan Siggers on Vimeo.

First off, this is a very simple video... one go pro, one song, 2 camera angles... so why does it work? Tougher still, even though there is tons of snow, the light isn't great... so how did a good video get created? I think it's the framing... even with the bad light, that is countered by the footage having the skier square in the frame. On shots back from his ski pole, he front and center with just a trail of powder flying off his face! Awesome.

The video also has a good pace, not to fast, but balanced by the song selected, almost peaceful, but always moving forward. Also, gotta love the mountain credit at the end... Fernie is sweet, and since he made no effort to disguise using a chairlift for the day, it's appropriate to credit great conditions.

Video 2

This video isn't 'epic' or 'insane' - it's a bunch of guys making the most of what they have... nice enough terrain, but flat... good enough light, but not epic views... these guys are pure though, just ripping around having fun and taking air off what ever they can.  Props for the music choice and shadow boxing sequence... also, good use of slow mo at times.

Video 3

This vid is just wicked... and subtly innovative.  Upbeat tunes bring non stop, deep powder action... most of which is downhill.  Most of the footage is fall line stuff and cliff jumps filmed by a proper camera not too far away.  I'm guessing these are former ski/board pros who have moved over to sleds... can't wait to see more!

Video 4

This vid is a skill showcase... there is more tree than snow here, and there is a lot of snow... mad skills to navigate these routes (almost) without incident;)

Video 5

We've got a 2 trick pony to finish off, but both are nicely done.  First trick is the really sharp slow mo shots.  What you may not notice is is the great camera placement, with snow blowing back and sun from behind really help these shots.  The second trick is the nicely mixed music complilation.  Nice attention to detail there!

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