The 5 Long Distance Snowmobile Races Where Carrying Spare Fuel is a Must

Number 1: Our first featured snowmobile race is the Volga River based cross country world championship... yes, I know it won't be in Russia until 2015, but how cool would it be to race up the Volga river!  They're only doing snowcross right now, but cross country is on the way!

Russia will host the 2015 cross country world championships of snowmobiling

Number 2: The the Sault - what a place... paradise in the summer and winter, with beautiful countryside and fantastic lakes.  The International 500 is a great race, it gets the whole community out and the party is possibly the best part!  What's not to like about that! While I'd be more partial to this race if it was across the countryside instead of in an oval, I do see the draw!

Number 3: Anything in Northern Quebec!... and the reason, they call the races RAIDS!  How cool is that.  The most famous but now extinct Harricana has been somewhat replaced my more casual and smaller raids on a year by year basis... no seriously, they are organized, you can just roll up and do something legendary!

Long distance snowmobile raid routes in Northern Quebec

 Number 4: Cains Quest is probably my favorite long distance snowmobile race... and that's for one defining characteristic... you get to choose your own route.  It's one thing to be able to hurtle a snow machine at incredible speed.  The combination of going fast and choosing a smart route makes for a better adventure though, so that's why this epic race gets my vote... don't forget to carry some spare fuel if you end up doing some unplanned exploring!

Long distance snowmobile route map

Number 5: And the grand daddy of them all, the world famous Iron Dog.  This event is truly a cultural classic in Alaska.  For many who work in Alaska, the lure is the change to be isolated from the populous and at one in nature.  It's a place where if you want to ignore the rest of the world, it's not only possible, is encouraged.

In a world where organized sport is shunned for the great outdoors, and you can go weeks without hearing a thing about Baseball, Football, Hockey, or Basketball, anyone on the street can tell you who is leading the Iron Dog and whether they will be able to hang on for the win!

So, for those of us who just like to explore but are all fired up by these legends who race accross this land, don't forget to act like a pro and carry spare fuel on your sled.

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