Pre Season Snowmobile Tune Up - Yes, The Season Is Here

The snow is falling all around us - in the mountains, down the street, or at the winter camp... or at worst the rain is teasing us in the cities.  The one thing you can count on with these short days is that the snowmobile season is upon us.  Whether you were born to be a mechanic or dread digging the tools out, it's time to get your sled into top condition.

Luckily, it's seem youtube was invented as the best ever teaching tool.  It's easy to use videos to gain confidence to tackle a neglected part of your sled or even ideas of areas needing maintenance that we may never have though of.  That first perfect day of the year is right around the corner, so get ready now so that day is not the day you start digging the sled out, Carpe Diem!

As I was saying, youtube is a gold mine for how to's and this vid above is a great overview of how to spend a couple nights this week getting your snowmobile into tip top shape.  There are some great little ideas here from a Robinson Crusoe jack stand to stations dedicated for carbs and clutches.  Lots of emphasis on good light and enough space to get the job done.  See Andrews youtube page for a a whole host of snowmobile fixing videos.

Don's spend that first day where you could be finding perfect snowboarding lines from your sled turning up in the parking lot instead!

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