Most insane ski line EVER . . .

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This one sends chills down my spine!


Cody Townsend's Line of the Year.

Looking forward to an epic season.


Early Season Global Snowmobiling Video Report

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The season has started, but not very evenly around the world, in fact, it’s downright muddy for many of us. For those of us still waiting for enough snow to get started, let’s try not to be too bitter and take a look around at some spots where people are out and about.


Iowa Report: 

Having some shallow fun.



Michigan report:

OK, so not exactly epic, but a good way to burn some fuel and get out there at least…


Vermont report:

Pretty much the same as Michigan, there is some snow on the ground and some kids having fun, but every is waiting for more.



Finland Report:

OK, so a bit of a stretch, but at least it’s nice to know the conditions are only average…



Siberia Report:

OK, now that is more like it. Of course, the commute to Siberia is a bit rough, but worth it when you get there;)




So basically, unless you live at the top of a mountain, everyone is crossing their fingers for more snow!


Fantastic Riding Conditions in the Canadian Caribou

A quick shipping update.  We've managed to get to fedex on Dec. 24, 27, 30 and will again on Jan. 2 so holiday orders are being processed.

In between all that, the snowmobiling conditions have been distracting.  While the coast mountains of BC have been pretty disappointing so far this year, the interior of BC has had some great riding.  Mountain riding is always a highlight for the year, but there is a lot to be said for trail riding especially when it starts and ends at a remote cabin in the Canadian wilderness.  

In recent years the trail riding has been tough in BC as the pine beetle epidemic has devastated much of the forests.  Aside from the ecological impact, the practical impact to snowmobiling is that trail systems now need even more maintenance than usual.  We set out to clear on our favorite local trails, a Christmas tradition in recent years, and it was hot and hard work.  Where snowboards and skis normally sit on our racks, we now never leave the cabin without carrying a chainsaw.  

The new growth is significantly larger this year, so it's nice to see the forest renewing itself.  The trouble is that these no longer saplings are sprawled across the trails bowed by the great snowpack!  That's right, there is tons of snow right now in the caribou, and it's light and fluffy and lots of fun to play in.

After clearing a few broken trees to access our favorite trails we found mile after mile of deep fresh powder to ride to our hearts content.  Deep enough to carve beauty figure 8's.  Deep enough to ride roughshod over stumps that are no longer obsticles, and deep enough to take face shots all day long.

So, for all the frustrated mountain riders out there, head out to some new territory over the holiday, and don't forget your chainsaw;)


3,000 km snowmobile rack test

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Always great to hear stories of our snowmobile racks in use, especially when it involves a 3,000 kilometre sled trip where gear can be full tested! 

A big shout and and thanks to Craig Nicholson “The Intrepid Snowmobiler” for his great review of our Snowmobile Racks for Snow Goer Canada.

We often hear from customers about their epic adventures whether is is a day out getting access to amazing back country fresh tracks or long distance rides . . . But it isn’t every day we hear about someone tracking 3,000 km on their sled using our gear.

Check out the summary on Intrepid Snowobiler and a PDF of full review at


220 Foot Snowmobile Jump!

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Can't wait for the season to start . . . but until it does you have to be thankful that youtube snowmobiling videos exist!

Get your stoke on watching Daniel Bodin professional snowmobiler jump 220 feet off a ski jump in sweden.


Flying Snowmobiles Rock!

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I wonder what sort of late night bet lead to these guys strapping a parachute to their sled for some parasledding action. 

Props for pulling it off though - would love to see if these guys or anyone else improved the technique or got more air time?  The driver looked a bit cautious . . . and dam, rightly so!



Next time someone wants to fly their snowmobile extra points for either:

1) doing it with a fully loaded Port Tack Rack Snowmobile Rack (obviously)

2) trying something like the video below of the paraglide skiing!



Seen something crazier than this on a sled?  Put a note in the comments section with details and we will put up a blog post on it!


Dreaming of March!

It's rare that I'd ever recommend a 20 minute video, I mean really, if you want to watch something for 20 minutes turn on the TV and start ignoring it... but this one is worth it!

So much soft fluffy powder (and in our backyard).  It really was an amazing season last year if you could find treed areas to keep safe in with all that bad vis.  Thanks to Tetongravity for sharing the best pow on the net!

Load of ski lines only accessed from snowmobiles, which is what we love!


Pre Season Snowmobile Tune Up - Yes, The Season Is Here

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The snow is falling all around us - in the mountains, down the street, or at the winter camp... or at worst the rain is teasing us in the cities.  The one thing you can count on with these short days is that the snowmobile season is upon us.  Whether you were born to be a mechanic or dread digging the tools out, it's time to get your sled into top condition.

Luckily, it's seem youtube was invented as the best ever teaching tool.  It's easy to use videos to gain confidence to tackle a neglected part of your sled or even ideas of areas needing maintenance that we may never have though of.  That first perfect day of the year is right around the corner, so get ready now so that day is not the day you start digging the sled out, Carpe Diem!

As I was saying, youtube is a gold mine for how to's and this vid above is a great overview of how to spend a couple nights this week getting your snowmobile into tip top shape.  There are some great little ideas here from a Robinson Crusoe jack stand to stations dedicated for carbs and clutches.  Lots of emphasis on good light and enough space to get the job done.  See Andrews youtube page for a a whole host of snowmobile fixing videos.

Don's spend that first day where you could be finding perfect snowboarding lines from your sled turning up in the parking lot instead!


Of all the things to worry about while downhill skateboarding... a deer?

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Thanks to Nina over at the Clymb for this one... as I'm about to head out into the woods for my second (annual?) hunting trip, I only hope the poor deer is OK so I have a chance to miss it wildly with a long distance shot;)

The slowmo playback of the guy bailing after running up the but of this deer is priceless... props to the guy riding for keeping it in frame... looks like he's all Matrixed up gliding there!


Improving Backcountry Snowmobiling Skills

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Props to the blog for turning us on to an amazing partnership between Arctic Cat and Amber Holt.  As we all know, it's way easier to head down to your local snowmobile shop and buy some new gear and snowboard racks than it is to learn to ride the right way.

What Amber does is teach high level (and beginner) skills for backcountry snowmobiling.  Every extreme sport is technical in nature, and few are more technical than snowmobiling in fresh powder and in steep terrain.  There are mountain skills, mechanical skills, and riding skills all coming in to play and determining to a large extent how much fun and how safe we are in the backcountry.

A day or two learning the real physics and techniques from a pro can dramatically change a season or riding, or a lifetime.  Personally, I'm looking forward to the location as well... the Seven Devils lodge looks like a snowmobiling paradise!  There are plenty of other great snowmobiling lodges but this has got to be at the top of the list!

Way to go Amber, and thanks for doing what you do!