Will the 2013 bring sledders the snow we crave?

2012 brought such a mixed bag to North America,  you can talk to snow machine riders coast to coast and it's like we weren't even on the same planet! Will 2013 be much better, lets hope so.

The farmers almanac doesn't suggest much help for the west predicting dry conditons. At least out East is says there should be good cold spells with systems dumping some of the fluffy stuff. Only problem in that the farmer almanac is total BS so we can't trust it.

Thankfully, other more scientific predictions state that a cold winter is expected... lets hope it's a cold WET winter. Apparently, the pacific ocean has cooled after last seasons La Nina conditions so all those days that were just above the freeze-thaw barrier last year should be below it this year. No more beautiful dumps of snow followed by melting, that should also help the base remain more stable from Avalanches.  Some of my worst rides last year were after awesome amounts of snow fell but then melted too soon to be useful.

Some Norwegian scientists are calling for yet another La Nina winter, which should mean in increase in precipitation on west coast... Snowmobilers all over can hop the temperatures stay down a bit and still have plenty of precipitation this coudld me a magic combination for backcountry activities.

In any case, we're bound for some fun, and it's only a few months away.  Every year we wonder what the conditions will bring, and every year that first ride of the season seems so sweet... lets just hope there are plenty of follow up days this year!  While there isn't yet snow now is the perfect time to be prepping your sled for the season and what better way to prep than getting a  snowmobile jerry can rack or a snowboard rack for your snowmobile!

Here is a forecast from the Pacific Northwest...

Chief Meteorologist Mike Matthias Gives The Nightly Forecast For His Ex-Wife Sara

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